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Keith, Paul and Kevin Beasley

Hearkening from Peterborough, Ontario, the Beasley brother's passion for hunting is only surpassed by their commitment to their family. From an early age the brothers hunted with their father, Ken, who taught them what they needed to know about woodsmanship, responsible gun handling, and animal behaviour to fully engage them and build a foundation for their dream of being significant players in the hunting industry.

Respect, integrity, a strong work ethic and an undying passion for hunting bond these youthful advocates of our hunting heritage at the hip. From their very first initiative to launch Ontario's only magazine dedicated to whitetail deer hunting, these entrepreneurs have evolved Ontario Monster Whitetails Magazine to become the most respected print publication authority on whitetail hunting in Ontario. Not long after they announced the start of the magazine, the brother's were approached by Rick Poulin, the Records Chairman of The Foundation for the Recognition of Ontario Wildlife (FROW), about increasing their involvement from being official measurers to Executive Directors. With the Beasley brothers now steering the ship, FROW soared and has become a household name among big game hunters in Ontario and The Big Game Records of Ontario has grown to become a must-read by all big game enthusiasts.

Collectively, the Beasley brothers and their father have harvested many very respectable whitetail deer from Ontario and as all whitetail hunters know, this grand accomplishment has not come without hard work, attention to detail and a great deal of time invested in the field. The brothers work best as a team to learn the finer points of outwitting the wiley eastern whitetail.

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Keith Beasley was among the first Canadians to be elected to sit on the prestigious Board of Directors for the Quality Deer Management Association's Canadian board, and in addition to his field experience as a whitetail hunter, the insight and educational exposure he has had to whitetail deer and whitetail deer management through the QDMA is second to none. "QDMA is a world class organization that is 100% dedicated to education, conservation and management of whitetail deer throughout North America. My brothers and I are delighted to be members of this exceptional organization and to be sure I am proud to have been elected to the board of this forward thinking organization."


Like his brothers, Paul spent his younger years working on the neighbour's farms where he developed a tire-less work ethic and commitment to family. Paul has a unique blend of urban insight and technical understanding as an honours graduate in Computer Science from Trent University but is equally comfortable dressing in camouflage and stalking big game or slugging through the marshes in search of a bag of waterfowl. Paul also sits as an advisor on the Canadian board of directors for the QDMA.


Kevin Beasley is the youngest of the brothers and is an equally passionate and accomplished outdoorsman. Before going full-time with the media side of the family business, Kevin worked for Shimano, the makers of the finest fishing rods and reels and says that his passion for hunting is equalled by his passion for spending time on the water with his favourite Shimano rod and reel. Kevin is an accomplished hunter with many record book deer, turkeys and bear to his name.


The unbridled passion, tenacity, and work ethic of the Beasley Brothers and their commitment to continuing the tradition of excellence has made them a household name in the outdoors industry. As the hosts of Canada in the Rough, they have been travelling across this great nation, expanding their horizons and meeting many wonderful people. The journey never stops and neither does the motivation of the award-winning Canada in the Rough production crew to bring viewers new episodes of Canada's most watched hunting adventure documentary series. If you're a hunter or an outdoor enthusiast, we invite you to spend a few episodes with The Beasley Brothers and the Canada in the Rough™ team, and before you know it you'll feel like you're among old friends. Join us and experience Canada's great wilderness hunting adventure.


The Beasley Brothers also produce Ontario Monster Whitetails Magazine and the Big Game Records of Ontario



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